What to Pack: Mountain Biking


Whether it’s pleasure, exploration, fitness, or therapy; we all have our reasons why we do it. Mountain biking has a lot to offer, but proper preparation is essential for the various riding conditions that you may experience during a day on the trail.

Here’s our list of items we suggest you pack so your next ride goes as smoothly as possible:


What you wear is crucial for optimal comfort and performance. When the weather can change at a moment’s notice, it’s important to be prepared. Have these items with you on your ride and you’ll be glad you did:

Gloves: We recommend textured full-finger gloves for greater grip, control and protection. Pick a set that includes breathability technology to reduce sweating.

Shoes: The shoes you pick will depend on the pedals you have on your bike. Based on preference, you will need to decide between flat or clipless pedals. Each type has specific advantages. Check out this great video that will guide you in the right direction.

Jersey: There are tons of options to choose from but ideally you will want a jersey that is breathable, form fitting and moisture wicking. This will reduce drag when riding and keep you dry!

Shorts: Comfort is key, as you will spend hours pedaling in these shorts. Full leg rotation and flexibility is a must! A popular option is bib shorts that include built in suspenders and tend to offer a bit more comfort around the waist.

Sunglasses: Take a tip from the pros! G-Form athlete Brian Lopes shared his advice on how to pick the ideal pair of sunglasses for mountain biking. Watch it here. 

Rain Jacket: Bring one! Getting caught in the rain will happen at some point and you’ll be much more comfortable continuing the ride when your clothes are still dry. There are plenty of options that fit in a pocket or backpack, like this one that folds into a pouch.

Food and Hydration

Packing the right food to keep your energy up is a must. You’d be surprised at the difference a snack makes when you’re feeling exhausted and a long way from home. Don’t forget your liquids; the length of your ride largely depends on how much water you bring- we recommend at least 100oz.

Personal Items

Riding with a pack is absolutely crucial. How else will you bring your necessities? We recommend bringing cash and your phone, you just never know!

Backpack: This option will have the largest amount of space to pack your belongings. Choose a bag that clips around your waist to minimize movement while you ride.

Hydration Pack: This is the best option to ensure hydration for the entire ride; most of these bags also include just enough storage for other essential items.

Seat Bag: Seat bags are great for storing your belongings on your bike frame, rather than on your back. Generally smaller in size, it’s a great option to keep tinier items like your snacks, cell phone and wallet.


Whether you get a flat tire or your chain breaks, the last thing you want is to be stranded an hour or two away from your car. Bring these essential tools to fix your bike at a moments notice.

-Bike Hand Pump

-Spare Tube 

-Tire Lever

-Bike Multi-Tool

-Chain Tool and Spare Link


Even if you’ve ridden this trail one hundred times, accidents happen. Injuries are preventable, and the cost of preparing for them is cheaper (and less painful) than a hospital visit. Here are a few of the products we recommend (as well as a few we offer) to keep you comfortable and protected for all day play.

Helmet: Depending on the terrain, as well as your riding style, you will want to pick either a half-shell or full-face style helmet. 

Headlamp: Unless you’re riding at night, you probably won't need it. However, imagine if it takes you longer to get home than expected and the sun has set sooner than you planned. It's not a bad idea to bring one along. 

 Pro-X Compression ShirtPerfect to wear under a jersey, this shirt offers impact protection for the shoulders, ribs, clavicle, and sternum.

Pro-B Compression ShortsThese easily fit under any pair of mountain bike shorts and offers impact protection for the hip and tailbone. We also added a chamois for ultimate comfort on longer rides.

Pro-X Elbow Pads: Lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking elbow pads with enough coverage to keep you safe every time, even when you end up over the bars.

Pro-X Knee Pads: Knee protection so comfortable you will hardly realize you're wearing them. With flexible coverage across the entire kneecap, you'll be thankful you had them on. 

Mountain biking is a great way to see the outdoors. While most rides will be injury and incident-free it’s important to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Keep these items in mind on your next trip and avoid learning the hard way.


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