Where to Ride: New England

When you grow up skiing in New England, you learn early on how much passion you have for the sport. You learn how to deal with the elements and varying conditions that change on a daily basis. You learn that while powder days exist, you might have to earn them with a couple hours drive, staying at a local B & B, or waking up at sunrise to grab a coveted first chair. You also learn that many other New Englanders share the same passion for being outdoors and on the mountain during the winter months.

For all of you who are Born From Ice we’ve broken down our shortlist of winter spots to visit with your family, friends, or on a solo powder adventure.

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What to Pack: a Day on the Slopes

Packing for any trip is a daunting task, but packing for a full day on the slopes? You best be sure you’ve got everything you need because there’s a lot to remember and once you’re on the ski lift it's too late!

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Where to Ride: Our Top 5 US Winter Sport Destinations

With the winter season around the corner, our sudden urge to layer up and hit the slopes is officially back in high gear. As we daydream of fresh powder days and post-ride brews, we’ve decided to narrow down a few of our favorites winter sport destinations.

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