Boston Red Sox Win the American League East!


This season the Boston Red Sox won the American League East for the 9th timeclinching it with just one game left in the season. As the Official Protective Equipment Partner of the team, we’re thrilled for Red Sox Nation!

A 162-game regular season is a grind. If you scrape, cut, or bruise yourself in a slide, it's likely you'll be sporting that wound for the rest of the season. With that many games, players just don’t get a chance to heal and are constantly repeating the exact motions that caused the injury in the first place.

Impact protection, what’s underneath the players’ uniforms, plays a vital role in the long-term success of the team. A good portion of Red Sox players wear our baseball sliding shorts—day after day and game after game.

There's no shortage of options for sliders and we are incredibly proud to have so many players in the MLB, and particularly the Boston Red Sox, wearing ours. The comfort is second-to-none and our RPT® padding not only prevents cuts and abrasions, but also protects from bruising. No other pair of sliders offers such thorough protection while allowing complete freedom of movement.


Having passed the test of a grueling MLB season, our sliders are ready for the playoffs. Let’s go, Sox!


To celebrate the post-season, we want every ball player to experience what the Red Sox already have. Throughout the month of October, we are offering 50% off our sliders.

Use code SLIDE50 at checkout ( to redeem.

Here’s to watching the Red Sox deep into October!



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