Slidable Knee Pads For Court Sports

Pro Slide Knee Pads Provide Ultimate Protection Against Bruises, Floor Burns, and Rashes

Meet the Pro Slide Knee Pads, our first slidable knee pads, designed for court sports. The protection of our bestselling Pro-X knee pads, but with abrasion-resistant fabric which slides on court surfaces.  Which means no skidding or sticking when your knees hit a smooth surface. 

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Currently, many youth leagues around the country require young players to wear chest protection. While players getting struck in the chest by the ball is a rare thing, the potential danger is enough to justify such policies.

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Kapitän des VfB Stuttgart unterschreibt zweijährigen Vertrag mit G FORM Spezialist für Sport Protection

G-Form freut sich sehr, eine zweijährige Partnerschaft mit Mittelfeldspieler und Mannschaftskapitän des VfB Stuttgart Christian Gentner bekannt zu geben.

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The G-Forum - G-Form's Spring 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to G-Forum, G-Form's seasonal newsletter.

If you're just getting caught up now, a LOT has happened in the past four months. We've added extremely talented snow athletes like Lynsey Dyer, Maggie Voisin, Julian Carr, Chase Josey, Maddie Mastro, and Chris Corning, to name a few.

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G-Form Partners With perfect Game

Developing Talent + Keeping Them SaFe

We are excited to announce our latest partnership, this time with industry-leader Perfect Game. The three-year deal will see us become the Exclusive Protective Gear Partner of Perfect Game along with sponsorship of Perfect Game events.

Perfect Game puts on tournaments and showcases all over America aimed at gaining exposure and scouting for competitive baseball players. To date, they have had nearly 10,000 participants go on to be drafted by MLB clubs. Their proven track record of developing future stars puts us in a prime position to be protecting the next generation of MLB players.

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