Currently, many youth leagues around the country require young players to wear chest protection. While players getting struck in the chest by the ball is a rare thing, the potential danger is enough to justify such policies.

With the NFHS (National Federation of State High Schools Associations) discussing rule changes that would make it mandatory for all high school players to wear baseball chest guards, the likelihood that players will need a chest guard is increasing. 

Baseball guards are a matter of preference for players and wearing a guard is personal preference. But all players agree that any item worn must be comfortable.  

Here are some considerations when selecting a baseball chest guard:

  • Fit – more than anything, you want a tight compression fit that so the chest guard feels like part of you.

  • Breathability – baseball is generally played in hot temperatures and adding another layer to your game gear can mean a lot of sweaty hours on the field.

  • Flexibility – having something across your chest can limit your mobility and effect your swing and throw. Make sure you get something that doesn’t hinder your movement.

  • Durability – with the number of games being played and the cost of chest guards, you don’t want to be buying one every other month. It’s also worth noting that players bodies are growing and changing so having a chest guard that doesn’t require a permanent molding process is a big advantage.

At G-Form, we designed our chest guard with these exact needs in mind. Our soft, flexible RPT padding only hardens when struck -  absorbing the force of the blow before going back to being malleable. We chose a moisture-wicking compression fabric that keeps players cool while providing support for muscles. All this means our chest guard allows a full range of motion and a “second-skin” fit so players can forget they’re even wearing it.

As the game changes, so do the demands placed on players. Our sincerest hope is that our chest guard allows players to perform at their best while remaining safe and comfortable.




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