Getting in the Zone: Hacking Your Flow State

Have you ever been so immersed in a challenging activity that your sense of time disappears, peripheral vision fades and sense of self seems to vanish?

We’ve been there and you probably have too. It’s an awesome feeling. There are many names for this state of mind; you may have heard it before as “the zone” or “flow state”.

This state of consciousness is optimal for peak performance and it will guide you to the progression you seek in your sport. But how do you get there? We’ve broken down the four cycles of flow state:

Struggle Phase:

Set a goal and challenge yourself. Many don’t reach beyond this step because struggling is an uncomfortable feeling. Accept that frustration is part of the process. If you can push yourself to leave your comfort zone than you’ll be on your way to hacking your flow state.

Release Phase:

This is the time you spend away from the activity. Time off is a good thing. Your mind is able to step back, calm down, and re-evaluate the work you’ve put in. This phase is crucial in allowing your mind to relax so that your brain can begin to let your subconscious take over.

Flow Phase:

This is it. This phase calls for ultimate focus within your activity – try to become completely present in the moment. Everything you’ve worked towards comes together. You’ll surprise yourself with your own performance and achieve the goal you’ve set out to accomplish. Energized with a profound sense of purpose, you’ll feel high on life.

Recovery Phase:

This is the final stage. Your mind and body begin to settle as it recovers from the intense moments and new experiences that just unfolded. What was once a feat so highly sought after is now apart of a new reality. You come to recognize that your possibilities are endless and you continue to let yourself rest and recover- the most crucial step for improving your skills as an athlete. This phase will become your reset button and support you along your journey for endless progression.

We believe that part of progressing in your sport is doing so safety and at your own pace. No one becomes a master overnight. Use these new tools to your advantage and make sure that having fun is always your top priority…progression comes second!

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