At first glance our G-Form products may look too good to be true. How could something lightweight, flexible, and comfortable also offer substantially greater protection than traditional hard shell protective products?

Well, the answer is science. While you have been struggling to find an alternative to wearing bulky, constrictive protective gear, we have been busy finding the answer. We strive to create protective gear athletes are actually excited about and will willingly throw on before they get outside and ride. Our products build confidence, promote progression, and are the perfect blend between comfort, protection, and style.


How does our technology work?

That's a great question and it's actually pretty simple. At rest, our products are soft and flexible, but as soon as the pad is struck with an impact, our pad will instantly stiffen up dissipating about 85% of the impact.


Have we reinvented athletic protection? 

We like to think so. Athletes are able to push their limits outfitted in protective gear without hindering mobility. Sewn to a compression sleeve, our products form to the fit of your body essentially creating second skin that will stay in place crash after crash.


Our pads are made and designed in the good ol' USA, are machine washable, cross over for multiple sports. So those knee pads you just purchased are great for biking, skating, skiing, even kayaking (our pads are also waterproof).


Last summer we launched two brand new product lines. We now offer women and youth specific products so that everyone gets the best fit possible. 

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