Event Recap: Soccer Aid 2016

Soccer Aid G-Form England receiving the Soccer Aid trophy, celebrating their 3-2 victory

As the dust finally settles on Soccer Aid 2016, we are still processing everything we witnessed. For those that don’t know, Soccer Aid is a charity match that pits current and former professional players alongside celebrities in a soccer game to benefit the work of UNICEF. The teams are separated by country with England’s stars taking on a team from the rest of the world.

Jermaine DeFoe Jermaine DeFoe shakes hands after the game

The game takes place at Old Trafford each year and it provides a stunning backdrop for a game full of recognizable faces. Along with representation from One Direction, the game also boasted world soccer stars such as Ronaldinho, Dimitar Berbatov, Jamie Carragher, Edgar Davids and current Sunderland AFC striker Jermaine Defoe to name a few.

Ronaldinho One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Ronaldinho and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson

This year, G-Form provided all the players with our shin guards for the game so the players could experience the best shin guards on the planet.

What’s particularly interesting about Soccer Aid is seeing the often times average soccer skills of celebrities on the same field with World Cup winners. While the skill level is noticeable, it is very entertaining to watch the interaction between the players as they enjoy the beautiful game together.

Edgar Davids Edgar Davids chasing the ball

What is striking is how culturally ingrained Soccer Aid is in England. The whole country gets behind the cause and donates money to UNICEF as well as talking it up on social media. This year’s game ended 3-2 with England coming out victorious. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think this was a major cup final. The crowd was incredibly noisy and the trophy presentation at the end rivals most international competitions.

As we fought the traffic on the way out, we thought about all we witnessed. On Thursday at the media day, we interviewed current Sunderland AFC manager Sam Allardyce who was in attendance as a team manager for Soccer Aid (interview can be seen below). We watched Edgar Davids pass to Niall Horan and saw Glee’s Matthew Morrison do his best to keep up with Jamie Carragher. These are things you never hear let alone witness with your own eyes.

As we finally got away from the crowds, we couldn’t have been prouder to be part of such an incredible event to raise money for such a worthwhile cause. And it was also pretty satisfying to see players of all abilities using our shin guards in one of the world’s most famous stadiums.

See below our Pro-S Shin Guard, the official soccer protection of Soccer Aid 2016. Interested in seeing what we do differently? Want to try for yourself? You can shop our complete soccer collection here.

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Pro-S Soccer Shin Guard Pro-S Soccer Shin Guard

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