Youth Sternum Shirts Save Lives


We came across a Facebook post that reminded us we don’t just make protective products - we make products that can save lives. Especially our youth sternum shirts. Sounds dramatic, right?

Here’s John CurtiN’S story…

Curtin was recently featured on Good Housekeeping after posting on Facebook that he believes a sternum shirt saved his son’s life during a baseball game. The post wasn’t an endorsement of a specific brand, but instead focused on raising awareness about the importance of player safety in youth baseball. The post has received 107,000 shares to date and scrolling through the comments reveals numerous parents with similar stories.

The comments also showed that many parents aren’t aware of the need for sternum protection for young players. Playing sports provides many benefits to participants, but there’s an inherent risk involved. It’s not something anyone likes to talk about, but is exactly why our Youth Sternum Guard exists.

We want to keep young players safe while enjoying baseball. We’ve made our sternum shirt for the peace of mind of both players and parents. Players love that our shirt is comfortable, low-profile, and flexible. Best of all – all of our products are machine washable, so there won’t be any complaints from parents.

Our baseball line was developed utilizing feedback from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ training staff to ensure it meets the needs of players. We sat down recently with Brandon McDaniel of the Dodgers to talk about player safety and get his expert opinion. With over 10 years in the major leagues, his insights were valuable and we’re grateful to have his input. 

We sincerely hope your player never has need for a sternum shirt and they can enjoy the game injury -free. We are proud to put our name on such a vitally important product and hope you enjoy the peace of mind it brings.




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