What to Pack: Kid's Soccer Bag


What’s better than watching your kid give it their all on the field for a little friendly competition? Between corner kicks, shots on goal, breakaways and orange slices, youth soccer is not only great exercise but also instills valuable life skills such as leadership, perseverance, and teamwork.

While the game may not have changed much, you might find that different supplies are required since your first days on the field. We’ve consulted G-Form parents and staff members to put together a list of essentials for game day, so you can relax, have fun and enjoy watching your kid learn something new.

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Your Kid's Soccer Bag Needs…

  • Shin Guards - Our Youth Pro-S Shin Guards are uniquely comfortable, machine washable, highly protective, and don’t require tape or straps to stay in place.

  • Uniform

  • Cleats - When picking the right soccer cleats for your children, comfort is key. Don’t know where to start? Use this helpful guide to pick the right pair.

  • Soccer Socks – While it’s great to match the uniform it’s even more important to seek out a set with sweat-wicking technology, which will help prevent stinky shoes.

  • Soccer Ball - Balls come in a variety of sizes depending on age. Young kids are likely using a size 3, 4, or 5. Don’t know which size to buy? Find out here.

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  • Ball Pump

  • Lace Covers - Help prevent an easy spill with these rubber lace covers, which hold tied sneaker laces in place.

  • Elastic Hair Bands – While your son or daughter might be having too much fun to worry about their hair, having hair elastics nearby will help prevent post-game tangles.

  • First Aid Kit

  • Sunblock – While you might be sitting down in the shade, your child is running around for over an hour with direct sun exposure so don’t forget to bring some sunblock.

  • Hand Sanitizer – Everyone knows that port-a-potties are straight up nasty and likely your only option on the field, bring some hand sanitizer with you for this reason.

  • Bug Spray – Changing fall weather can mean a mass of mosquitoes – bug spray can help prevent itchy bites and ward off mosquito-borne illnesses.

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  • Directions – Game day might mean several fields with games taking place at one time – having a map can help you be on time and stress free.

  • Layered clothing for colder weather

  • Water bottle – Hydration helps prevent headaches, heat exhaustion, and sometimes vomiting from over-exertion, we recommend bringing two if you can.

  • Snacks - Clif bars, orange slices, and bananas will work to replenish energy quickly.

  • Cash - Great to have in case there are parking fees or you forgot a water bottle and need to raid the snack bar in a pinch.

    Although a soccer match is competitive in nature, let’s not forget that above all, we are here to have fun!

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