G-Form Partners with ALbion Soccer CLub's Albion SC

G-Form is pleased to announce a partnership with Albion Soccer Club from San Diego, California!

The Albion SC is now outfitted in our Pro-S Shin Guard protection as well as our logo across their match jerseys. This partnership will also include the Albion affiliated satellite youth teams in Orange County, South Bay, San Diego, and South Florida.

The partnership between Albion Pros and G-Form marks another step in the right direction to build soccer culture in Southern California. The best players require the best protection as the game continues to advance. Continued soccer technology innovation will only help soccer players realize their full potential. Together, G-Form and Albion Pros want to push the soccer boundaries in San Diego and beyond.
Albion SC is excited to represent us as their official protection sponsor because our products are flexible, breathable, machine-washable, lightweight, and exceed the necessary safety standards needed for club, high school, collegiate and professional play. G-Form shin guards provide better protection on impact than the traditional hard plastic shin guards while never moving out of place.
If you want the best soccer protection available then look no further than the Pro-S Soccer Shin Guard. You will hardly notice you are wearing it at all and it will keep you protected when you need it most. To learn how to get your club protected by G-Form like Albion SC then you can request more information at or
click here. To view the Pro-S Shin Guard as well as the entire #gformsoccer product line
click here.

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Pelé Tests G-Form in Brazil

Pelé tests G-Form's revolutionary shin guard technology at the World Cup host city. The world’s first soft-sided shin guards to meet CE and NOCSAE standards offer the remarkable combination of extreme comfort and superior impact protection for professionals of over 20 national teams.

Why is Pelé, widely considered the greatest footballer of all time, seen dropping heavy bowling balls onto fragile glass bottles in Sao Paulo, the host city for the World Cup? According to the legend of the sport, it’s to demonstrate the most significant improvement in player protection since the last time the World Cup was played in Brazil back in 1950, when he was just 10 years old.

“I have obviously played a lot of football in my day, and taken a lot of knocks along the way”, says Pelé, showing off some of the many scars he bears on his own shins, “but the traditional hard shin guards with foam and tape just don’t protect that well, and they aren’t that comfortable for the player either. Finally there is new technology to protect better, and they even feel like you are wearing nothing.” 

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