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The excitement in the air at G-Form is palpable with the release of our baseball protection collection in less than two weeks! We are really looking forward to getting our protective wear on baseball diamonds across the country and hearing what people think.

Most people don’t know how in-depth the process is for designing a product, but we can assure you it's no small matter. From the very first conversations about baseball to feedback from the Dodgers training staff and all the months afterwards, our products continue to evolve until the end. 


The G-Form experience is one we’ve seen many athletes have firsthand over the years. The first time an athlete puts our gear on and experiences the fit and comfort is a memorable experience. Trying to explain to someone how something soft and flexible can protect them is not always the easiest, so seeing the light bulb come on as they experience it themselves is always fun.

It is this exact experience that we are looking forward to sharing with players all over the country. Every piece of our product line was carefully developed to fit and feel as if it’s part of you so you don’t even notice it’s there until you need it.


Our Pro Extended Elbow guard is a compression sleeve that covers your entire elbow and tricep from inside pitches. It doesn’t hinder your swing at all and has no bulk on top of the appealing aesthetics. We’ve already been getting plenty of comments about it looking like futuristic armor. In some ways, futuristic armor is a perfect way of describing our products.



Our Youth Pro Sternum Shirt has already created a buzz as parents realize they don’t have to remove any shields before putting it in the washing machine. Because there's no permanent molding process in our protection, it will last longer for young players as their bodies grow and change.

Our padding is so low-profile that players will be able to wear it under their uniform easily with no protrusion or interference in their play. With many leagues requiring youth to wear heart guards, it is nice to be able to offer an option that provides safety without sacrificing comfort. We also have the Youth Pro Sternum Shirt with Back Protection that offers additional protection on the ribs, kidneys, and lower spine for players that turn away from inside pitches.

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Our Pro Sliding Shorts are an upgrade to the sliders already worn by so many players as they offer protection from bruising as well as abrasion.


Our Pro Wrist Guard completes our baseball line and will be a welcome addition to both youth and adult players with protection for short hops and inside pitches.

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