Slidable Knee Pads For Court Sports


Pro Slide Knee Pads Provide Ultimate Protection Against Bruises, Floor Burns, and Rashes

Meet the Pro Slide Knee Pads, our first slidable knee pads, designed for court sports. The protection of our bestselling Pro-X knee pads, but with abrasion-resistant fabric which slides on court surfaces.  Which means no skidding or sticking when your knees hit a smooth surface. 

The Pro Slide Knee Pads retain the landmark features of our bestselling Pro-X Knee pads – they are low profile and lightweight, providing flexibility and articulation of leg movements. This flexibility allows athletes to be fully protected without knowing they are wearing protective gear until they need it. The additional covering featured on the Pro Slide Knee Pads combat against burns and rashes from floor contact, while still providing our top-of-the-line impact protection using patented Reactive Protection TechnologyTM (RPT). 


“As we expand into additional sport categories and offer products with different characteristics specific to an athlete’s chosen activity, keeping athletes safe is our number one priority,” said Michael De Leon, VP of Global Marketing, G-Form. “The Pro Slide Pads perfectly blend the ability to protect against both sliding and impact related injuries, and we are thrilled to bring these new knee pads into our product lineup.”

The Pro Slide Knee Pads are perfect for volleyball, handball, and basketball players. Consistent with all our gear, the pads are machine washable and feature RPT padding on top of moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression fabric consisting of 18% Lycra and 82% Nylon.

The Pro Slide Knee Pads are available in a sleek black on black color offering with unisex and youth options. Knee Pads can be purchased for $59.99 and are available in sizes S – XL for adults with youth pads coming soon. 



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