Pre-season prep with NWSL player Jen Hoy


All over the country, players are dusting off their cleats and heading back out as their own spring seasons begin. With prep in mind, we sat down to talk with G-Form Athlete and NWSL player Jen Hoy to hear how she gets ready each season. 

Hoy is a Princeton graduate, former U23 USWNT player, and a regular starter for the Chicago Red Stars. Following her team’s appearance in the NWSL semi-finals last season, she made a few adjustments to her off-season program to make sure this year is her best yet.

You played in Newcastle Australia this offseason. What was the motivation behind that move? How has that benefited you coming into the new season?

I wanted to play abroad in order to develop and grow my game. This was my first time playing overseas, so after being in Australia for four months I feel that I came back sharper and with a better understanding of my movements off the ball. 

What is your main focus going into pre-season?

To continue developing the relationships with my teammates on the field, so that come game time on April 15th I know their tendencies and can combine with them as effectively as possible.

What are your personal goals this season?

To put the ball in the back of the net! 

The Red Stars fell just short of making the final last season. What are your predictions for this year?

Every year the quality within the league improves, so the championship is anyone’s game. But we have a talented group with significant depth so I predict you will see the Red Stars continue to do big things this season. Our goal is to bring home a championship but right now our focus is on the details and finishing pre-season strong. 

Jen Hoy wears the G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards. You can hear why Jen loves them here and follow her on Instagram here.



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