Photo Diary: AMBC Fall Festival

AMBC Fall Festival G-Form1.jpg

We had a blast at the 7th annual AMBC (Appalachian Mountain Bike Club’s) Fall Festival. Hosted on November 5th and 6th, this event took place at the Baker Creek Preserve in Knoxville, Tennessee! Over 1,000 mountain bike enthusiasts joined us for a spectacular weekend of riding, beers, food, music, and promoting sustainable trail access for off-road bicyclists.

The mountain bike trails of Baker Creek are part of a sixty-five mile trail system that’s connected through both private and public roads. Through sponsor support, the AMBC held raffle drawings and a silent auction to raise funds that will continue to expand and preserve the beloved trail systems we love.

Why should we care about trail preservation? The folks who dedicate their time to trail maintenance are the true unsung heroes of mountain biking. Without them, our beautifully groomed runs and quality of riding would suffer or even cease to exist. G-Form is happy to sponsor this cause!

Bike and pad demos, skill clinics, short track, and downhill racing are just a few of the activities that provided us with a fun-filled weekend. We hope to see you there next time!

Here are some of our favorite moments:

AMBC Fall Festival G-Form2.jpg

Pro-X Knee-Shin Guard  

AMBC Fall Festival G-Form3.jpg

AMBC Fall Festival G-Form4.jpg


AMBC Fall Festival G-Form5.jpg

Pro-X Knee Pads, Pro-X Elbow Pads

AMBC Fall Festival G-Form6.jpg

AMBC Fall Festival G-Form7.jpg

AMBC Fall Festival G-Form8.jpg

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