Outerbike - Spring Lets You Try Before You BUy (The View Isn't Bad Either)

Outerbike-Spring is an annual event in beautiful Moab, Utah, bringing together bike enthusiasts looking to pick up new gear and test it on the world-class trails. The Bar M Trail, a Moab favorite, serves as the perfect opportunity for athletes and enthusiasts to step over their bike for the first time in months after a snow-filled winter. . This event is always a favorite – there’s a stoke and feeling of excitement in the air that you really don’t see at any other demo.

Get There Early

Outerbike starts at 9:00 AM, but you’ll find riders starting to get in line as early as 7:30 AM. Once open, attendees run to their favorite bike company to test out products they have had on their wishlist. After grabbing the bike, their next step is finding the right protection.

Try Before You Buy

That’s where we come in - G-Form leads the way for attendees to demo pads and stay safe on the trails. Many riders are new to Mountain Biking and are excited to experience how low-profile and easy G-Form products are when pedaling and spending an entire day on the trails. G-Form helps makes their experience that much better by keeping them protected, safe, and giving them peace of mind, while having a great time testing the products they love.

At around 4:00 PM riders start to trickle back into the demo area returning their bikes and pads they have had all day. Usually people forget that they are even wearing the G-Form pads because of the comfort and end up heading straight to the parking lot for post-ride beers.

As the weekend comes to an end, it’s amazing hearing riders share laughs, stories, and jokes about their journey during Outerbike. It’s humbling to hear stories of G-Form saving somebody’s butt (sometimes literally) and making their adventure to Outerbike pain-free. The cycling industry is a close-knit community and we are proud to support everyone with the best protection possible.


Here are a few shots from the event:


We werent kidding about the view. 


Calm before the storm. 


Inky blue skies make Moab beautiful after dark as well. 


We love meeting other bike enthusiasts and hearing which products and bikes they have been dying to try!

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