Get to Know: BMX Athlete Nikita Ducarroz

Born in France and raised in northern California, G-Form Athlete Nikita Ducarroz is tearing up the BMX scene. Between the 360’s, barspins and backflips, she is an inspiration to female riders from across the globe! We caught up with her to learn how she got started, her advice for beginners, and her goals for the upcoming season. Read the full interview below.

When and how did you first become interested in bikes?

I’ve always enjoyed jumping off of things with my bike since I was little. It wasn’t until I was 13 and began watching BMX videos online, which really piqued my interest.  

Did any other athletes influence you? If so, who?

Athletes such as Dennis Enarson, Ryan Nyquist, and Nina Buitrago, are just a few that I really look up to!

Best moment in your career so far?

There have been way too many amazing moments for me that I can’t pick just one! Going to X Games and the Vans US Open this year was incredible. Not even just being at the actual event, but behind the scenes- what I had to push through to get there. Those are always the most rewarding for me.


Which G-Form products are a necessity for your performance, and why?

I really like the PRO-X Knee-Shin Guardand PRO Ankle guards. I haven’t ridden without the ankle guards since I got my first prototype pair 3 years ago. Those that know me know I fall. A lot. Having Knee-Shin Guards not only helps my confidence when going for stuff, but also makes crashing a lot easier on my body.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

I’d like to hit as many contests as possible, work on some projects with sponsors, and ride as much as I can! I love contests because you get to discover new places and meet up with new and old friends from all over the world. I also hope to do some more mountain bike riding.


Favorite food?

Is everything an answer? Ice cream is my go to for dessert, mint builder bars for on the road, and steak, salad, and potatoes for any other occasion!

Favorite book?

It’s All BS: We’re All Wrong, and You’re All Right by Dr. Jason Richardson

Favorite song?

Through The Never – Metallica is my go-to riding song.

What’s your idea of a good time?

A good session with good friends!

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Everywhere we went to this year was really different and fun! Texas, Denver, Canada…I enjoyed visiting them all!  


Where are your favorite spots to ride?

My favorite spots are OB Skatepark in San Diego, and Woodward West.

Do you have any advice for beginners to help them along their journey?

Ride how you want to ride, have fun, and surround yourself with positive people!  

What other sports and interests do you enjoy?

I enjoy working out, the occasional soccer game, and I am interested in sports medicine and firefighting.

If you weren't a professional bike athlete what would you be doing?

I think I’d probably be playing college soccer.

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