Get to Know: Charles Ouimet


Hailing from Longueuil, Quebec, Charles Ouimet has been supporting our products from the very beginning. As a professional downhill skateboarder, Charles chooses G-Form products because they are comfortable, protective, and easily fit under his leathers. We recently got the opportunity to chat with him and learn more about who this man is. You can read the entire interview below. 

When did you first become interested in longboarding?

Six years ago my friends were cruising around town on their pintail longboards, and I was tired of locking my bike everywhere. I decided to join them and ended up buying my first board. One month later, I was already buying a second and third board for freeride and downhill. 


Were you influenced by any other athletes? If so, who?

Niko Desmarais has always been an inspiration. I’ve learned so much from him on our first Euro-tour in 2013. From there, we always travel together and have the time best skateboarding possible! Other than him, Maxim Grant Rousseau has always been a big brother for me.

Best moment in your career so far?

Winning the PushCulture cup in 2014. That year was awesome for me with podium at almost every race on the East coast. Next best moment would be making top 10 at Kozakov this year.

Which G-Form products are a necessity for your performance, and why?

The Pro-X Knee Pads. Whether I am wearing them under my leathers for downhill or under my clothes for freeriding, I forget I even have them on. I know they will keep me safe if anything happens.


What are you goals for the upcoming year?

Make a top 15 IDF world cup ranking.

Favorite food?

Kebab or Poutine at 3AM.

Favorite book?

Haven’t read one in a while due to IT engineering studies, but I always read a bunch of interesting stories on


Favorite song?

Portugal.The Man – All you light

What’s your idea of a good time?

Skateboarding the best mountain passes with my friends from all-around the world.

Favorite place to travel?


Favorite spots to ride?

Col de la Bonette, France


Do you have any advice for beginners to help them along their journey?

The only way you will progress in the sport, is by not being injured. A bad crash can have you out of the game for months, even years. Guardrails and cars will always win, so stay in your lane, on your board and use proper protective gear. G-form has got you covered for all the impacts. My knees and elbows has been saved several times in the past few years.

Other sports you enjoy/Other interests?

I am really into photography. You can check out my work on instagram (@refinedmoment). Other than that, I am really looking forward doing short-track ice speed skating.

If you were not a professional downhill skateboarder what would you be doing?

That’s a hard question. I always commit at 100% to everything that I do, so I’d probably be a professional at something else. Another extreme sport probably!


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