Get the Most From Your G-Form Shin Guards


G-Form is changing how players think about shin guards. Athletes from around the world wear our shin guards because they are easy to slide on and off, don’t require full-length soccer socks or tape, exceed the necessary safety standards, and are hardly noticed during play.

G-Form was designed to tackle the concerns of traditional hard shell guards. Shin guards have never been comfortable nor do they stay in place during a game. In short, we felt that players needed something better.

We currently offer two options for shin guards, the Pro-S and Pro-S Elite. We understand that buying new shin guards is an investment that’s both financial and based on trust. Let’s break down their benefits, sizing, and use so you have a better idea of which pair is right for you:


Pro-S VS. Pro-S Elite


Pro-S Shin Guards:

These are the world’s first fully soft shin guards to meet NOCSAE and CE standards of protection for play throughout the USA and EU. These are also our most protective shin guard offering - perfect for players who do the dirty work on the field and go in for tackles often. The Pro-S are currently offered in yellow.


Pro-S Elite Shin Guards:

Made in response to pro feedback, the Elite’s are the lighter and lower profile than the Pro-S. A favorite amongst wingers and flair players, the Elites still pass NOCSAE and CE standards while holding their own against late challenges. Pro-S Elite shin guards are currently offered in black with yellow highlights. In short, these are a great protection offering for players who truly seek the thinnest shin guards possible without sacrificing safety.



Sizing is crucial. Often players are focused on using the tiniest pad possible because they’d rather not be wearing any at all. This is where we come in:

Since wearing G-Form already provides a feeling of wearing nothing at all, choosing the correct size sleeve is vital. While players might be drawn to picking our smallest size offering, we’d argue against it. When picking the right size it is important to refer to our sizing chart with emphasis on calf measurement. By wearing the right size sleeve to fit your calf, you can count on your guards being easy to put on, take off, and stay in place. Having the perfect size fit will ensure that you’re more protected in terms of coverage and less distracted by ill-fitting guards.


Putting on your guard:

Wearing our shin guards is as easy as putting on soccer socks. First, take your guard and place your fingers around the top of the pad. Next slide your foot through the sleeve. Pull the pad up to the top of your shin until the sleeve covers the full length of your calf. You’re going to want it to feel nice and snug, but not uncomfortable. Put your soccer socks on over the pads and you’re ready to play.

Taking off your guard:

We recommend taking your shin guard off by rolling in a downward motion. Begin by grabbing your guard with your fingers by the top of the pad. Next, begin to roll the pad down your leg so that it begins to turn inside out. Finish rolling the pad directly off your leg. Afterwards, machine-wash your guards to prep for your next wear.

Keep these considerations in mind when you choose and use your next pair of shin guards and you’ll be ready to take on any pitch, any time, anywhere.

Visit our website to view both our Pro-S and Pro-S Elite shin guards along with the rest of our soccer products.


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