G-Form's Latest: Dual Axis™ Pad Protection

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Please allow for the introduction to G-Form's latest product line, featuring several items to add to the team sports category, and bringing to life the latest pad technology called Dual Axis™

Dual Axis™ is designed specifically to move as you move. It is created to vent as it bends, reducing heat build up. G-Form's current RPT® reacts on impact to protect you and now with the Dual Axis™, you have the extra flexibility you need . The top layer fabric of the Dual Axis™ pad slides on both field and court surfaces.

The Dual Axis™ product line consists of the Men's Team Baselayer Short Liner, Men's Team Baselayer Tank, Pro Team Sleeve, and the Youth Pro Team Sleeve. Each product has been designed with the athlete in mind as well as keeping up with today's performance demands.

The Team Baselayer Short Liner is unique with the added hip protection that won't bulk up under your shorts. Players love this on the court to slide without fear. Parent's love this because like all G-Form products, the short liner is machine washable. The Team Baselayer Short Liner's are a exclusive.

The G-Form Pro Team Sleeve as well as the Youth Pro Team Sleeve are perfect for sports such as basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, and many more. Take these pads with you wherever you are for the added protection you need. 

Last but not least is the Team Baselayer Tank. This product has added rib protection,  but also has the breathability and flexibility that won't hold you back. Wear this under your uniforms at all times and you won't even remember it's there. Available in both black and white color options.

Feeling well protected is G-Form's strength, and is known for keeping the players in the game without the distraction of bulky, sliding pads. Protection and injury prevention is the top priority without sacrificing comfort. 

Feel free to check out all of G-Form's team sport products here:  Team Sports.

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