G-Form Partners With Ski Utah


We are excited to announce a partnership with Ski Utah, a non-profit membership organization representing Utah’s fourteen alpine ski resorts, kicking off this 2016-2017 ski season. We are pumped to be their official protection sponsor!

“Ski Utah is excited to partner with G-Form,” said Nathan Rafferty, CEO/President of Ski Utah. “As we promote year-round outdoor recreational opportunities at Utah’s fourteen mountain resorts it is comforting to know that G-Form, a leader in the impact protection world, will help keep us safe.”

Ski Utah’s love for Utah’s outdoor sports scene makes them a perfect companion for G-Form - spreading the love for getting outside and fostering a a healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on outdoor safety. Like Ski Utah, we are excited to help Utah natives and visitors stay safe with snow impact protection while having fun.


“Utah is committed to giving visitors an exhilarating year-round experience and G-Form is thrilled to offer another way to enhance it,” said Michael De Leon, G-Form’s VP of Global Marketing. “G-Form offers products that continue to push the boundaries of impact protective wear across several sport categories and allow users to feel comfortable hitting the slopes in the winter or mountain biking in the summer. This partnership is a great collaboration and we are excited to kick it all off this ski season.”

Utah offers yearlong events with summer attractions such as mountain biking, zip lining, hiking and then all the winter activities you’d expect from some of the most beautiful mountains in the U.S.

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