From Fan to G-Form Employee: Nick’s Story


I love soccer. I love everything about it - the passion, the drama, the skill, the intricacies of play, the tactics, and even the disappointments. It all keeps me coming back wanting more. I’ve played since I was a little kid but fell in love with the game when I moved to England. England showed me passion for the game at a level I’ve rarely experienced anywhere else. My love of the game led to me becoming a qualified coach in England and I eventually turned that into a full-time dream job when I moved back to San Diego.

G-Form was a company I’d never heard of until I came across the shin guards. It was one of those rare times where I saw a product and instantly “got it.” Everything about the product made sense. I couldn’t believe no one had done this sooner. The real question left in my mind was would the shin guards actually do everything they said?


How do G-Form's shin guards stack up?

When I tried the Pro-S Shin Guards, I did what I imagine most people do and asked the person nearest to me to kick me in the shins. It didn’t hurt at all. While I could feel the force of the impact, the actual impact on my shins had no pain whatsoever. Playing in them was exactly how G-Form describes on the package. They were incredibly lightweight, didn’t move, and I didn’t sweat in them more than I would with a normal guard. I forgot I was wearing them!

Shin guards are a part of the game that has been completely ignored. The best endorsement I’d heard about shin guards previously was that they didn’t get in the way too much. With all the advancements made in cleats and the fabrics uniforms are made of, it amazes me that shin guards have been left relatively the same. With players looking to gain every edge in performance these days, shin guards should definitely be included in that conversation.

From Coach to Fan to Employee

Having played and coached in America and Europe, I think there are so many people out there that will love these shin guards, along with the rest of the product line. I believe that so much that I moved my entire family from San Diego to Rhode Island to come be a part of the G-Form team and help communicate that message.

It’s rare that you find a product that claims to be way better than everything else on the market and actually delivers on it. G-Form does exactly that. That is what I really love about my job. I don’t have to spin anything or embellish. It is genuinely better than anything else out there. It is a revolution in shin guards and I love seeing other people experience the same “AHA!” moment that I had.

Interested in trying for yourself? You can shop our complete soccer collection here.


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