Boots and Shin Guards: Match Made in Heaven


For most soccer players, shin guards are an afterthought. They’re the last thing you put in your socks before you run onto the pitch and you only wear them because you have to. In sharp contrast, cleats/boots hold a prominent place in a player’s mind. They are a way to express yourself on top of all the performance benefits they bring.

Nowadays, it’s common for players to spend $200-300 on their cleats and spring customization on them as well. At the professional level, virtually every player has some form of personalization on their cleats. Whether that’s their initials, number, country flag, or some combination of those, it's almost expected.

While a few professional players have their own line of shin guards, most wear whatever is offered to the general public. The rare exception is when players pay to have a custom printing on their guards. Whether this is due to shin guards being covered by socks or lack of inspiring designs is up for debate.

At G-Form, our Pro-S and Pro-S Elite shin guards are changing perceptions of shin guards. On top of the performance, and protection benefits they offer, the aesthetics is striking and stands out from the rest of the field.


While it’s common for players to post pictures of their boots on social media, we are now starting to see players leaving their socks down to show their G-Form guards as well. We love seeing these and the combination of boots and our shin guards look fantastic. It’s a soccer fashion statement and another way to for players to express themselves.



If you’ve got a great picture of your boots and shin guards, tag us on Instagram using @gformsoccerofficial. We always enjoy seeing them and we’ll share our favorite pictures.

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