5 Reasons to Join a Ski Club


Joining a ski club may seem intimidating. Is everyone going to be a pro? Will it be only families? Are families welcome at all? With over 1,000 ski clubs across the United States, there’s a group to suit the needs of any type of rider – from families, to beginners, to seasoned veterans flying solo. You just need to find the club the works for you – and there are some pretty serious perks.

We asked around the G-Form office and learned why our staff can’t imagine winter without their club membership:

  1. New Ski Buddies

If you’re the sole snow bunny in your friend group, joining a ski club is the perfect way to meet new winter-minded friends. Instead of dragging a less-than-enthusiastic companion, clubs are a great opportunity to make new friends who love snow sports as much as you do.

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  1. Not Just For Winter

While clubs hit their peak in the winter months, activities are usually offered year-round. Expect to see hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and even golf. If you can’t bear to be away from the mountain, a ski club is a great way to remind yourself to #getoutside through the seasons.

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  1. Better Bang for Your Buck

Ski clubs partner with resorts to lock in cheaper group rates. Skiing is an expensive sport, especially for families, so joining a ski club is a great way to stretch your dollar even further. Clubs also have busses for day trips (go green), group rates for weekend trips, and special flight and accommodations pricing for getaways.

And if you do go on an awesome trip, make sure to use #gformprotects on IG and we might just share it with everyone on our feed!


  1. Discounted Gear

In addition to partnering with resorts, clubs also partner with local retailers. This means deals on equipment and sometimes even a flat-rate discount storewide - another way to enjoy your favorite sport and stay within your budget.

By the way, G-Form also has a “getting started” discount if you’re gearing up for winter – subscribe to our newsletter and receive 10% off your first order.

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  1. Have a Voice

Ski clubs are full of active participants who often vote on upcoming trips, take suggestions, and try to best accommodate budgetary needs. They also care about conservation and taking care of the mountains for future generations.

Wintertrails put together this handy list of ski clubs across North America so you can learn more about options near you.

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